Reflection on Peer Feedback

The peer feedback process is a valuable. one It gives an honest opinion from another students perspective about the task at hand. Peer feedback has created a deeper understanding of the topics within the unit when either giving or receiving feedback. The improvement I would like to see is that the peer feedback be widen to incorporate perhaps three or more students because receiving a second, third or maybe fourth opinion would be beneficial. I feel that peer assessment provides a more relevant feedback because it is generated by peers. I would participate in this process of feedback again as I see that it not only improves my learning but encourages student involvement and develop judgement-skills that is important to have as a future educator.



Peer Feedback from Amanda Peters

Blog_Rubric_Peer Marking_By Amanda Peters

Overall, I am happy with the peer feedback that I received from Amanda. She is fair, clear and gives constructive feedback that I can work and improve on. She offers positive feedback and praise where it is due in particular about the layout of my blog using different colours, themes and hyperlinks which I have spent a lot of time and effort learning. I would have to agree with Amanda that I can be long winded sometimes to the point where my ideas are lost in the wordings. I have since re-read some of the blog entries and have made amendments accordingly. I have to learn to be succinct in my work as it would help me in my future assignments.