Blog #1: Digital Security

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The digital world may seem too complacent for some but to others it is a world where placing your entire trust in technology comes with caution. We may at times have no say in the choices we make as it is the only way and other times feel pressured into a world that changes every minute. We often hear about hackers, scammers, cyberbullying or identity theft that occur with the technology that we use. How secure is our identity? How are we sure the information that we feed through the system would not get into the wrong hands? In her video, Howell (2014) mentions about how we can teach our students to be more digitally literate and to develop safer practices when using technology. It is vital these practices are taught at an early age in classrooms as we see more and more students using technology.

I have personally experienced it when I was sent a hoax email that was set up to look like my banking website. The email stated urgent action needed to be taken due to my funds being used inappropriately. I had to click onto a website to fill in my bank and credit card details and other personal information. Luckily I had the good sense to stop and report it before it went any further.


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