Blog #5: Digital Blurring

Many of us have used digital technologies in our lives, be it for work or for play. These technological skills that we unconsciously develop through the use of technology may be considered as skills that we can develop and use when teaching in classrooms. The transfer of knowledge and skills we use during private time influence what we do in our professional time and is known as digital blurring (Howell, 2014). In the video, Howell goes on to mention four areas in particular; gaming, language, virtual world and blogging that digital blurring might occur.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 11.52.51 am

Games such as Hay Day is about farm management in a virtual world. The game includes growing and harvesting wheat, corn and soybean that are used to make food for the animals. The animals then produce eggs, milk and wool to trade with other users for coins used to expand the farm and move on to the next level.

As McGonigal (2012) suggests that when we play games, we believe we are the best version of ourselves. I believe this is true when my children tested the game I created on Sploder . It was my first time at game designing and although it was time consuming, it was very interesting. What was even more fascinating was the observation of how my children were so engaged by trying to accomplish the mission of saving the “crystal”.  Also now, they think mum is the coolest! Please click here to check out my game or go to  (If you enjoyed it, there is a sequel of Battlemania II which my son created. Just click here.)

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 11.31.09 am

Being a teacher in the future, I believe we can use these technological skills in our classrooms to further develop our students in their learning in terms of gross motor skill, logical and critical thinking skills that would be beneficial to them. McGonigal’s take on gaming is that it makes us motivated to perform what matters and inspires us to collaborate and cooperate which are skills young students need to grow as a person (2013).


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