Blog #3:Digital Information

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The topic that we have just gone through in Week 5 talks about Digital Information. What made me stop to ponder was the sheer amount of information that we obtain in any given day that comes from the digital devices. I started to look at myself and the way I obtain information digitally.

On any given day, my morning would start with the 7am news on my radio alarm clock. Then I roll on to my bedside to grab my iPhone where I check what I have on today on my calendar. That is usually followed by the question of “what to wear?”. Another look at my iPhone to check the weather for the day. There you have it, I have used a digital device to retrieve information even before I am out of bed! Well, that says a lot about how we retrieve and send out digital information.

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Last year I took to Pinterest after I was recommended by my daughter’s class teacher. I was a little apprehensive to begin with because I was dreading setting up another account but soon found my self creating boards for teaching resources, to art and craft ideas for my children and travel information. At the end of the day information at your finger tips, neatly organised digitally is what we need to sort out our complicated lives. Click here to check out my Pinterest board.

Whether we like it or not, moving forward we will be faced with an influx of digital information. We just need to be knowledgable enough to filter what we need and what is useless. Therefore it is important that the young generation be guided to develop skills to siphon through digital information.


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